Hathyara Varge, Sunny Hayre, Kubs Matharu – VIP Records

Hathyara Varge, Sunny Hayre, Kurs Matharu

UK Bhangra has had a great start to 2018, two of the scenes younger artists, Sunny Hayre and Kubs Matharu have now thrown their hats in the ring showcasing what they have to offer via their latest single “Hathyara Varge” on VIP Records.

Sunny’s last release “Sajna Veh” highlighted how diverse he could be vocally and that he is no one trick pony. Teaming up with the production skills of Kub Matharu for this track Sunny has returned to a more up tempo style, the production is tight and features some great music pieces, these are missing on so many tracks of late. The track has a real UK Bhangra sound and flavour and is well worth a listen.

Bhangra Tape Deck, have an in-depth interview with the pair about the single, be sure to give this a read for a deeper insight into the track

Check out the latest Punjabi song Hathyara Varge by Sunny Hayre and Kubs Matharu on VIP Records here

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